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Are you looking for a total wire solution. 您在尋找電線的解決方案嗎?

Calmont offers designs from your custom prototypes, up to your product rollout
Calmont 提供從您的原型定制到產品推出的設計方案

Calmont can offer highly customized wire products.
Calmont 可提供高度定制的線材產品。

Calmont Wire and Cable is an engineering oriented manufacturer working closely with customers to get the best solution for your products.
Calmont Wire and Cable是一家以工程為導向的製造商,與客戶密切合作,為您的產品提供最佳解決方案
Contributing to our customers' success by providing engineering and manufacturing expertise to supply wire products and services that meet the customer's requirements.
The experienced design team will work to get your design from idea to produce, committed to solving the toughest of designs.
Short Runs & Small Quantities 短期運行和小批量

Many other manufacturers often require customers to purchase large minimum quantities. However, Calmont understands that many customers don’t need large quantities. For those customers who require one time, small quantity, short runs of any design, Calmont is the answer.
其他製造商通常要求客戶購買大量的最小數量。 但是,Calmont了解許多客戶不需要大批量生產。 對於那些需要一次,少量,短期任何設計的客戶,Calmont就是答案。

High Volume Production Runs 大批量生產運行
Calmont Wire & Cable has experience with high volume production runs, that’s why ordering long runs and high volume orders with Calmont gives our customers added cost savings and peace of mind. Calmont has the manufacturing capabilities to provide our customers the quantities they require whether it’s a small prototype run or high volume production quantities. Blanket orders with scheduled deliveries are no problem, Calmont makes it easy to coordinate your shipments with your schedule.
Calmont Wire&Cable擁有大批量生產經驗,這就是為什麼訂購長期運行和Calmont的大批量訂單為我們的客戶節省了成本,讓您高枕無憂。 無論是小型原型機還是大批量生產,Calmont都具備為客戶提供所需數量的製造能力。 預定交貨的毛毯訂單沒有問題,Calmont可以根據您的日程安排輕鬆協調您的貨件。
Prototypes & New Development 原型與新發展

Calmont Wire & Cable’s focus on innovation and customization makes us the only choice for your product’s prototypes and development projects. Step one in the process of producing a product is creating a prototype. Calmont specializes in taking applications from idea to design, and from design to prototype. Our easily-accessible team works with your engineers to address problems, provide solutions, and bring your idea to life.
Calmont Wire&Cable專注於創新和定制,使我們成為您產品原型和開發項目的唯一選擇。 生產產品的第一步是創建原型。 Calmont專注於從概念到設計,從設計到原型的應用。 我們易於訪問的團隊與您的工程師合作解決問題,提供解決方案,並將您的想法變為現實。

When your product requires new, and never-been-done,
Calmont is up for the challenge.
Calmont Wire and Cable has a reputation in producing quality cable since 1957.
Designing wires from the thinnest micro thin to large multiple conductor cables.
Calmont 迎接挑戰
自1957年以來,Calmont Wire and Cable在生產優質電纜方面享有盛譽。

In an industry full of cable manufacturers Calmont stands out as a company willing to make the smaller quantities from 1,000 to hundreds of thousands of feet.
Prototyping needs flexibility during testing and prototyping and larger quantity for full production, this need can be fulfilled by Calmont Engineering.
原型設計需要在測試和原型設計過程中具有靈活性,並且需要更大量的完整生產,Calmont Engineering可以滿足這一需求。

Calmont eagerly accommodates small quantities required by start-up or research projects.
Calmont 急切地滿足初創或研究項目所需的少量需求。

With wires for following industries Test / Measurement,   Sensors,    Robotics,   Aerospace,   Instrumentation,   Military,   Medical,   Computer,   Audio
And the list goes on...

If you have any interest in exploring the possibilities of quality wire for your projects, send us an E-Mail and we can work together to meet your cabling needs.

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