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In an industry full of cable manufacturers Calmont Wire and Cable stands out as a company willing to make the smaller quantities from 1,000 to hundreds of thousands of feet. Eagerly accommodating small quantities such as required by start-up or research projects prototyping needs flexibility during testing and prototyping with larger quantities for full production.
在充滿電纜製造商的行業中,Calmont Wire and Cable作為一家願意生產從1,000到數十萬英尺的最小數量的公司脫穎而出。根據啟動或研究項目的要求,熱切地容納少量產品 原型設計在測試和原型設計過程中需要靈活性, 產量較大,可全面生產

Are you looking for a total wire solution.

Si-Tech can offer highly customized wire products. Calmont Wire and Cable are an engineering oriented manufacturer, working closely with us to get the best solution for our customer’s products.
我們可以提供高度定制的線材產品。 Calmont Wire and Cable電纜是一家以工程為導向的製造商,與我們密切合作,為客戶的產品提供最佳解決方案

Their experienced design team will work to get your design complete with a committed team solving the toughest of designs.
Calmont Wire and Cable has a reputation in producing quality cable since 1957. Giving them many years of experience and knowledge.
1957年以來,Calmont Wire and Cable在生產質量方面享有盛譽。為他們提供多年的經驗和知識
Silicone cable 矽膠電纜
Silicone wire and cable is an excellent choice for high temperature, high voltage, low corona, and applications requiring extremely flexible wire or cable. Silicone is used in implantable and medical grade wire and cable applications. It is also used in aerospace and space applications. Calmont Wire & Cable has a space-rated silicone-rubber material that will meet the current NASA out-gassing requirements without post baking.
有機矽電線和電纜是高溫,高壓,低電暈以及需要極其柔軟的電線或電纜的應用的理想選擇。 有機矽用於植入和醫療級電線和電纜應用。 它還用於航空航天和太空應用。 Calmont WireCable採用太空級矽橡膠材料,無需烘烤即可滿足當前NASA的排氣要求

Silicone Ribon cable
Wire types
Insulating and Jacketing Materials 絕緣和護套材料

Calmont works with many different insulating and jacketing materials and we’re constantly evaluating new materials to offer to our customers. Some of the common compounds we use for insulation and jacketing are:
Calmont使用許多不同的絕緣和護套材料,我們不斷評估為客戶提供的新材料。 我們一些常見化合物是於絕緣和護套的

Metals used in wire manufactiure
Types of Conductors 導體類型

Many materials are used to transmit electrical energy, but those most frequently specified for types of conductors are copper, copper-covered steel, high strength copper alloys, and aluminum. For more unusual applications, conductors are fabricated from pure nickel, pure silver, copper-covered aluminum, and a host of metals, metal alloys, and metal combinations.
許多材料用於傳輸電能,但最常用於導電類型的材料是銅,銅包鋼,高強度銅合金和鋁。 對於更多不尋常的應用,導體由純鎳,純銀,銅覆蓋的鋁以及許多金屬,金屬合金和金屬組合製成

Wire sizes picture
Conductor Stranding 絞合導體
Stranded conductors are composed of uninsulated “strands” of wire twisted together. The advantages of conductor stranding over a single strand of equal cross-section are increased flexibility and flex-fatigue life. Stranded conductor can be manufactured in a variety of configurations, the most common being concentric (true concentric, equilay concentric, unidirectional concentric, and unilay concentric), bunched and rope.
絞合導體由絞合在一起的非絕緣“線”絞合線組成。 在相同橫截面的單股上導體絞合的優點是增加了柔韌性和撓曲疲勞壽命。 絞合導體可以以各種配置製造,最常見的是同心(真正同心,等同心,單向同心,同心同心),成束和繩索。

Calmont can offer highly customised wire products.
Calmont Wire and Cable is an engineering oriented manufacturer working closely with customers to get the best solution for your products.
Their experienced design team will work to get your design the way you want.
Committed to solving the toughest of designs.
Calmont Wire and Cable has a reputation in producing quality cable since 1957.
Designing wires from the thinnest micro thin to large multiple conductor cables.

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